Product : Thermacell

Description: Thermacell appliance used to create a barrier that flying insects will not enter. Works perfectly for mosquito’s.

Price: $22.49

Where to purchase: Sportsman’s Guide

Rank: 10 out of 10

Product Overview

This appliance is called a Thermacell. It uses a propane from a bottle to heat a plate. This plate than heats a wafer. The wafer puts off a scent that repels insects. It creates a bubble around the device that keeps insects away. It is useful all year around when bugs are out.

For hunting this device is invaluable. I have found it to be one of the most important equipment that I carry into the woods. I’ve hunted in 90+ degree weather and watched the mosquitoes try again and again to get to me but the thermacell held them at bay. Its like it creates a force field that bugs can’t cross.

In a hunting scenario, I would suggest getting a carrying case. It allows the Thermacell to be attached to your tree stand or ground blind. I have had no issues with deer smelling the order that it puts off. The carrying case also allows you to carry extra propane bottles and wafers.

A second piece of advice I would suggest is to start the device as soon as you can. I usually start mine before I am start climbing the tree with my climber. This allows the bubble to start to form. The igniter to light the propane to heat the plate is kind of loud and the device doesn’t always start on the first click.

This device has much more uses than hunting. My wife and I both have these devices. It works wonders when camping or setting around watching the kids playing sports as well. I haven’t found anything that comes even close to working as well as these devices.

One major downfall is that you have to purchase refills. The refills can get costly but for the protection it provides there isn’t anything better that I found. Second downfall that I have found is that it takes a little bit for the bubble to form. This is usually done in 5 to 10 minutes at the most.

Wrapping it up

This device is a very wonderful invention. It works extremely well and one device I don’t leave home without when I’m hunting early season. When I first heard about this device, I thought it was another scam that would come and go. That was many years ago and my device is just now starting to have issues lighting.

There are a few downsides but those are very minor. The cost of refills can get up there but are not that bad. We use them for all different outside activities when bugs are out. I carry this device until it gets cold out and the bugs disappear.

I can’t recommend this device enough. All my friends carry them and absolutely love them. Get one and you won’t regret it. My wife found out how well these things works and she got one for herself. It makes those outside activities much more enjoyable.

Updated 5/31/19

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4 thoughts on “Thermacell”

  1. I hate mosquitoes! This would be perfect for me because I am always worried about getting bitten, especially at night.

    I actually hate all bugs, but mosquito bites are extremely annoying and uncomfortable and dangerous too.

    They are primarily the reason why I wouldn’t go camping or even outside at night. I would pay for the refills with no problem as long as this works.

    Does this work day or night and it will repel the mosquitoes?

    • Hello Rob,

      It still baffles me sometimes how well this thing works.  I use it all over the place. The refills are just terrible in cost but does cost more then a can of but spray.  It is kind of cool to watch the bugs come buzzing at you thinking they are going to have an easy lunch only to hit the force field and get stopped.  I use it during the day and at night. It doesn’t matter when you use it, it just works.  Thank you for your comment. Dan

  2. Hi Dan, I can definitely see the use the Thermacell has to repel any bugs. I would be an avid camper myself and love being in the outdoors, mosquitoes are definitely one of most irritating bugs and I’ve tried many other products to deter them but unfortunately they usually don’t work. I definitely must give this one a go! Many thanks

    • Hello Ronan, 

      I can’t recommend this device enough. It has changed my hunting strategy early in the season. I hunt much more early season then I used to. The bugs would sometimes chase me out of the woods. Now with this device those days are gone.  I use it all summer long being outdoors.  Get one you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for your comment. Dan

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