Rivers Edge Jumbo Jack 17′ Ladder Tree Stand

Product : Rivers Edge Jumbo Jack 17′ Ladder Tree Stand

Description: Ladder stand

Price: 107.99

Where to purchase: Amazon

Rank: 9 out of 10

Product Overview

This ladder stand is specifically designed to be used by a bow hunter. It has a spacious platform (30″ x 26″) which allows the hunter to move around as needed to make the perfect shot. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

I have one of these stands set up in a tree lot that sticks into a finger woodlot. From this stand I have taken quite a few deer from this stand. The platform is large enough to comfortably shoot a bow out of. The seat folds up quietly and gets out of the way when needed.

This ladder stand is very well build and sturdy. At 70 lbs, it is a little on the heavy side with the extra metal used to beef up the ladder and platform. The platform doesn’t move and I’m 280 lbs. I’ve hunted out of ladder stands that move around and flex. This one does not do that at all.

Rivers Edge also makes a few accessories that attach to this stand to help the bow hunter. There is a bow holder and shooting rail that are sold separately.

This stand is not designed to be very mobile. It is heavy and makes noise to put together and put up. I suggest that you put it up somewhere and leave it until the end of the season.

This ladder stand comes with a full body harness. I strongly recommend to always where a safety harness when in the tree. 17 feet to fall can be extremely dangerous or deadly. I always wear one even if they sometimes get in the way. I firmly believe that it is better to miss an opportunity and come home to not come home at all.

Quiet is an understatement when it comes to this stand. Even in the extreme cold it does’t creak or groan. I have had quite a few stands that creak when you move in the cold. Even the seat moves silently. Even leaning out left and right it doesn’t creak. Needless to say noise on a cold morning is not a good thing.

Wrapping it up

This is a very good stand. You can gun hunt from it but it was designed with the bow hunter in mind. I recommend this stand. I haven’t had any issues what so ever in my time using it. Everyone that I have let use it absolutely love hunting out of it.

The platform is worth every cent by itself. The weight is a little much but worth it by being very sturdy and well-built. Get yourself one of these. You will not regret it. Take a person with to help put it up. It can be done with one but a second person is very helpful.

I look forward to seeing and questions or comments below. Thank you for reading my review.


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10 thoughts on “Rivers Edge Jumbo Jack 17′ Ladder Tree Stand”

  1. Appreciate this article Dan! It definitely looks like a useful and handy thing to have while bow hunting. I’ve only tried bow hunting once so I’m quite a novice at it. But I assume that you wouldn’t be hunting in one place all the time. Given that this ladder is attached to a tree, how long do you think it takes it you want to completely change your location and place it somewhere else? Is it quite easy to travel around with or to put it in your car to move to the next hunting location?

    • Hello Parmi,

      Changing locations is not a very easy task but can be done.  I usually set out a few stands before the season and move around as I choose to.  It can be taken apart and packed together for travel.  I started my career using a ladder stand and moved it around from location to location so it can be done. 

      Thank you for your comment. Dan

  2. Thank you for a beautiful review. You have learned me a lot about this ladder! And I was wondering if it can also be used for other purposes. One of them being the cutting of trees? or the placing of bird cages? If not, what would be your advice. Right now, my ladder is dangerous to use for this purpose and I was wondering if this one would fit my needs. Thank you for your kind advice.

    • Hello Almond,

      The stand comes apart so it can reach lower heights  to do what you would like to use it for.  I haven’t heard anyone do that but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.  Once secured to the tree it isn’t going to go anywhere.  

      Thanks for your comment. Dan.

  3. I would say it’s important for the stand to be heavy, so it can carry just about anyone who climbs on it. I would rather showcase the weight as it’s proof that you will be safe standing on it, with no fear of accidentally crashing down. Well written review. 

    Thanks for sharing.

    • As a bigger guy I like to have a beefier stand. Especially one that doesn’t flex when you move around.  Movement causes creaking.  I always wear a safety harness in case something goes wrong but it makes moving around easier when you are not worried about the stand failing.

      Thank you for your comment. Dan

  4. Great review of the Bowman’s Ladder.  I haven’t gone hunting yet (I really want to) but I do have a lot of guy friends who hunt regularly up in northern Ontario and out east in Newfoundland.  I think this ladder would greatly help our my friends who hunt in the same spot.  Deer and moose hunting is really big up north, so I know this setup would really benefit them.  I’ll forward this post to them! Cheers

    • Hello Nicki,

      For deer this is a wonderful stand. I don’t know about hunting moose as I don’t hunt them yet.  In northern Wisconsin deer hunting is a huge part of the culture. There are thousands of acres of national forest to hunt.  The stand has never had any issues while I’m hunting out of it.

      Thank you for your comment. Dan

  5. Timely article Dan!  

    Where I live we are currently in the middle of bow hunting season.  I don’t hunt but my husband and I have manyfriends who do. 

    I like that this stand is somewhat on the heavy side as that ensures it is safe and substantial.  Having a buddy to hunt with is also a good idea and from your description of this stand, another good reason to bring along a hunting buddy.

    I am surprised this stand is so quiet – is it because of a special coating applied to the metal? Changing temperatures can cause the metal to expand or contract and ionization from salt and moisture can cause rust which also leads to noise.  So, this stand remains quiet after repeated use year after year?

    • Hello Susan,

      As a bigger guy I like a steady stand and one that doesn’t “flex” when you are climbing or in the stand.  I do carry a small bottle of veggie oil to help if there is any creak in the stand.  With this stand, I haven’t had to use it.  

      With any ladder stand, I prefer to bring along a hunting buddy to help set up the stand. It just make me feel more safe going up to hook up the top strap.

      Thank you for your comment. Dan.

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